Frequently Asked Questions


Your server will remain online for as long as we can pay for the servers

Donations help a lot, also keep your adblock off and share this site with your friends and we should be all fine

You need to renew your server on the control panel at least once every 2 days to keep your server active

Yes, its a custom coded control panel, it is simple but we will get more options in the future:




The login details are on the activation email

Yes, we can upload that minecraft version for you, send us a ticket and we will help you.

Currently we do not upload jars that support mods, we want to test performance first with regular minecraft, but mods are planed to be supported in the future

Many users use and abuse our service, we do what we can to keep the servers stable and with no packet lost

We do what we can to keep the service the best service around, but since we have an high demand there may be some packet lose problems during peak times and / or large DDoS attacks (when the mitigation kicks in)

Please do not open support requests about this, we cant do anything more apart from what we already do!

Bans and Enforcement

If you CAN login to your control panel and see your server status as suspended it means we need to talk to you about something on your server/account, please open a ticket so we can look into this.

This is a "good" thing, if just the server is suspended there is a high chance of getting your account back, or else you would have been issued a account level ban

If you got a account level ban issued you did something nasty, for more information on the ban and a possible appeal please contact our security team at security[at]

Please keep in mind that account level bans most of the times are permanent, but you have a chance to appeal

You violated any support related TOS, if you want to appeal you can contact security[at]
Please report it to our security team so we can look into it security[at]