Terms of Service

I. General

  1. In order to use any of our services, you must fully agree with our Terms of Service.
  2. We do our best to provide you with the best possible service, but we can't guarantee it will always run perfectly.

II. File Uploads and Server Content

  1. We can delete uploaded files at any time for any reason, with or without notification (don't worry, we won't delete your files just because we feel like it; imagine your server has a 50GB log file due to plugin errors, then we might delete your log file);
  2. You can't upload or use any of the following content (anywhere on your server, including plugins, mods, or settings):
    1. anything that is illegal
    2. any pirated or cracked software, such as plugins (If it's paid, and you didn't directly pay for it, you can't use it; if your friend paid for it and gave it to you, it's still considered cracked.)
    3. anything with the purpose of harming our platform or our users
    4. anything that can be used to bypass any sort of restriction applied by our system, such as assigned ports and resource allocation
    5. any plugin or mod that has the sole purpose of providing a way for you to access the console without having to do it from our website
    6. plugins that modify the source code of other plugins at runtime
    7. any plugin that implements an alternative control panel to our own
    8. enable RCON

III. Backups or Data Loss

  1. We do our best to keep your files safe, including providing you with the ability to create backups with one click, but we don't create backups of your server ourselves.
  2. We will not take responsibility in the unfortunate event of data loss; you should run your own backups.

IV. Upgrades and Payments

  1. We don't provide refunds
  2. A chargeback or reversal of payment will get your account banned
  3. If your account or server is suspended or terminated because you violated our Terms of Service, you will not get your credits back
  4. We can change the plans we offer at any time
  5. Plans cannot be transferred between servers or accounts
  6. Credits cannot be transferred between accounts

V. Support

  1. We do our best to reply as fast as possible, but we can't guarantee a specific timeframe
  2. Don't send the same support request over and over; doing that won't make us answer faster
  3. Being abusive to our team will get you banned

VI. Conduct, General Prohibitions

  1. You are responsible for all actions related to your account ("my friend did it" is not a valid excuse)
  2. You cannot do any sort of reverse-engineering on our platform
  3. You can't run any sort of vulnerability scanners or similar tools against our services or networks
  4. You can't resell our services
  5. You can't create, access, or operate multiple accounts on the same house
  6. Unless otherwise instructed, you cannot use a VPN or anonymizer to access our services
  7. You can't create any account using temporary emails
  8. You can't report any email sent by our system as spam
  9. You can't run any sort of bots, such as Discord or TeamSpeak bots
  10. You can't share your account password (refer to Point 1 of this section)
  11. You can't access our Android App using rooted devices
  12. You can't hide, disable, or bypass our ads, or our adblock detection system in any way
  13. If you previously deleted your account via the GDPR process, you are not allowed to create a new account in the future

VII. Account Suspension or Termination

  1. We can terminate your account at any time for any reason (don't worry, we don't terminate accounts for fun; don't break the Terms of Service and you will be fine)
  2. We will terminate your account if we have good reason to believe that you will break our Terms of Service
  3. If your server is suspended or your account is terminated for violating our Terms of Service, we will not provide you with a backup of your files
  4. Files belonging to suspended servers are deleted within 7 days
  5. Servers (and their files) belonging to a banned user are deleted within 14 days
  6. Server files are deleted after a server is not renewed for 30 consecutive days

VIII. Beta Tests

  1. If you are granted access to beta-test a new feature, don't talk about it publicly unless we give you written permission to do so